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Of all of the people in the world, I want to impress my husband the most, so it makes sense to dress nicely at home. He used to but stopped when I pointed out that I really hate his cargo shorts so if he wants to get rid of those, I will get rid of something he hates.

But I do change into work clothes if I am going to do potentially clothes-ruining work. I also wear aprons when I cook or do dishes. Cooking and cleaning can really ruin some clothes. I wear an apron, too — I have moments of sheer and utter clutziness, so an apron is a must. I still have the blouse I wore to the Jimi Hendrix concert at the Boston Gahden in , some peasant blouses from that era and landlubber jeans including a fringe belt.

Unfortunately, we were laughed at by my mother in law but my mom saw it and jumped at the idea to install one in her basement. We tend to wear comfortable but not appropriate for going out clothes around the house too. Indoor drying lines are a revelation. We used to use racks at a previous house, but these lines are way more efficient! I am lucky to have a large utility porch inherited my grandparents 70 year old farmhouse and have always hung my better clothes up to dry with an old school box fan blowing on them to speed up drying… Well, my dryer died this year and is not repairable … I came up with a fantastic idea!!

Talk about drying, even my towels dry quickly and are not stiff …. This may sound crazy but I just cannot make myself go out and purchase a dryer just yet … Especially with only myself and 10 year old son here. Keeping up with laundry has been a breeze! Saved me from buying replacement sleepers and they looked great. I used to buy things for them at the school sponsored thrift shop and they were never the wiser. Great place for boots, ski pants and some sporting equipment.

I like supporting our schools and I love to save money times 2. Another thing worth mentioning is using vinegar as your fabric softener and baking soda as a deodorizer. The baking soda works great on our smelly towels and washrags. Both items are so economical and eco friendly, too.

Most of my clothes die from stains. I will have to try that! I have really noticed that clothing quality has declined in the recent past- I think since the price of cotton went up a few years ago. I have some lovely cotton knits that are only now looking worn 10 years in, while others that are only a couple years old are so thin and pill-y I can no longer wear them to work.

I tried to switch to soap for a year and felt like it just wore out my clothes. And I still feel like I can tell the difference when my darks are washed with lights — even in cold. We use the Kirkland brand laundry detergent from costco in the scentless formula.

We use a drying rack in our apartment and then I also hang clothes all over the house on door knobs, chairs, towel racks, etc… It works great! Like everything else in my life, I prefer simple over complicated and time consuming! By carefully buying thrift clothing you can afford to wear better things around the house and never get caught looking like a homeless person.

Unfortunately it was stolen before I got to wear it. But, damn, I felt good about owning it. I also have a sewing machine so I can hem, repair and alter things as I need to. I have only a few items that just look better when ironed but they are not for every day wear so it is very infrequent.

With the mending tip, I would add mend early, as soon as you see the smallest hole! A stitch in time.. I ruthlessly culled all my ill fitting, ugly stained clothes.

I deserve to look and feel good within myself! I agree on saving good clothes for best, but a great set of threads for home is the bomb! Loved the post and the tips thank you! Red plaid bottoms, red cotton tops. I washed them all together before the first time we wore them in warm water, let them sit a while in the cycle, dried them…. The shirts lent their red to everything — the sheets, the furniture.

Our son mixed his shirt in with other wash, everything turned pink. The red shirts had to go. We still have the bottoms, LOL. What a bizarre thing too! Definitely makes for a good story though: And, I love that you kept the bottoms!

Makes a big difference! I gave the freeze-your-jeans experiment a go once. The hubs was not expecting to find that in the freezer on a late-night ice cream hunt. In terms of laundry disasters, my husband kindly and unbeknownst to me did my laundry once last winter. After drying my wool sweater, I wound up with one sleeve that was above my elbow and one that was still nearly regular length.

Not even sure how he managed that one! Thanks for sharing your tips. In high school I saved up money to buy lovely light blue jeans that were the style in the early 90s. I had put them in the wash my father did. He threw his brand new red sweatshirt in you can see where this is going and my jeans were pink! I wanted to cry. Fortunately, after an immediate rewash the colour came out.

I wash my work clothes more often as I work with kids, who you will soon discover are very, very, germ-y. I have found since I started doing this, I get sick less often. I will buy when I need to replace things. Oh no, your poor jeans! Glad to hear you were able to remedy the situation. Way to go, my frugal friend!

Always a fun read Mr. He measured, folded and clipped the binder clips at the bottom of the curtain. The career that pays for your attire, Lol When those T-shirts get too worn they are turned into paint smocks or rags. I love that approach of looking around the house and figuring out how to make do!

A classic frugal weirdo strategy for sure. Nicely done on the curtains: Cedar to prevent months? Have you invented a stasis machine? An opportunity for romantic violence…. Cold water washes can be iffy in winter. Horizontal washers save on water, but cost more. My mother used to get free pairs when I ran thru them, years ago….

You can get clothes lines with suckers to hang in the bathroom. I think they keep baby dryer, and they wash better and dry faster.

After baby grows, they make great lint-free cleaning cloths for windows, shoes, etc. No ironing, yet everything looks freshly ironed. Less damaging to clothing fiber. There is no down side. It would be one of my house burning must save items…. I own an iron it was free from a friend! One day, I had the idea to apply it to my silk scarf; and it worked amazingly well! I use it times a ear to freshen up my black work pants, sweaters, etc that are starting to fade a little.

It makes a huge difference. Coming from an environment where you drive everywhere I have never waljed through shoes. And because I had a car I pretty much kept all my shoes in my car. Since moving up here I have walked through countless pairs of shoes. Does anyone have any pro tips for extending the life of shoes? Ahh yes, the plight of the frequent walker.

Since we walk and hike a ton, our shoes wear out pretty quickly as well. Amazon sometimes has great prices on shoes too. FW in particular wears his shoes right through the soles. I need a post on shoe recommendations — probably the anti-frugal weirdo post. Even my Clarks flats wear out quickly.

Outside of super delicate fabrics, so long as you have a front loading washer, you can wash practically anything on gentle. Agitators in top loading washers can destroy fabrics so go at your own risk if you have a top-loading washer. We just experimented with dyeing old clothes for the first time in order to save a few bucks.

A great experiment to be sure! I think my best tip is to wear undershirts. Might be worth a try for yours. If you have lots of tops certain colour blues, greens, browns? Use shade as close as you can but if you have to err, chose a bit darker shade. I bought 8 markers a decade ago and I still have 6 of them. Keep them away from children. I know to do it with some things like dark wash jeans, but I should really make a point to do it for everything. And good point by one of your commentors about the zippers.

Good call on the bamboo pole-as-drying rack! Just dropping by to say How much I love your blog! Frugality has always been a part of me so I can totally relate to all this although I must admit I still have a lot of work to do. Im definitely sharing your blog to my folks here in the Philippines! So often I find something great at the thrift store that simply needs some minor mending or a button replaced. It seems that people donate it rather than do those chores — all the better for those of us who can sew on a button or stitch up a seam.

Something you touched on in mentioning your year-old stretchy dress—it helps to stay the same size. Good point on staying the same size—that has definitely helped! This post reminded me of my mom so many times.

She keeps telling repeating the same pointers mentioned by you on how to take care of your clothes. But looks like lot of people follow this and are benefited.

All thanks to her that I still have years clothes in great condition that I never feel letting them go! I am also slowly learning these tricks and techniques. I have a very similar take on clothes now. What a funny coincidence — I think that you bought that v-neck dress with the black sheer overlay from me, when my boyfriend and I were moving from Cambridge!

I definitely bought that black dress and an orange and gold puffed sleeve dress from a yard sale near Inman Sq. Thanks for selling those dresses—I love them: Use thrift clothes or worn out clothes to make new clothes. I unraveled it and knit it into the coziest most luxurious mittens you could ever dream of. I totally agree with the poorer quality of clothing after or so.

The thing is, in I packed 5 old and worn out tops, some all the way from the 90s. I rediscovered them this spring, and was very surprised when the old tops not only were pretty similar to my new ones, but actually looked better better quality. I took the new back to the store and decided to stop buying clothes for now.

Put the wrinkly tablecloth on the table and spray mist with water, assemble family members around table and stretch tablecloth. This has so far worked exceptionally well, they smell fresh and the wrinkles disappear.

My husband is terrible at buying new clothes definitely have to invest in some sturdy underwear like you suggest. They got up-cycled into some fun projects for the kids, but in the meantime, I went from two rotating pairs of jeans my ONLY pants I have to wear outside as all other pants are indoor holey sweats or pjs to ONE. I tried them all on, kept two that I loved the best, and re-posted the other 3.

Crisis averted, no money spent ok well maybe on the bit of gas to drive around town , and I now even have a spare pair for the rotation and to avoid the one pair fiasco. And when they outgrow them, we just re-post. If an article of clothing has wrinkles or is prone to wrinkles, I just make sure to hang it out on a windy day. In the Ozarks, we call that tumble drying. First, I spotted a flirty, swirly, spaghetti strapped, mini dress in black, with purple and orange flowers.

Then I spotted a sheer black long sleeved blouse that would make the dress more demure when worn underneath. Next, I found a lavender button-up sweater to match, plus some dressy black leggings to change the look up even more when worn with my one pair of black ankle boots. One dress, four different ways to wear it!

Then I got home and discovered it could also be worn as a mini-skirt, too!!! I'm sure I'll find a few more ways to change it up with scarves, blouses, or a jacket, plus I'll make jewelry to match it from "found objects". There were other items in the bag, like another pair of black skinny jeans in a nice fabric, four tops to go with either black or blue skinny jeans, a blouse that was too small for me but has sheer long sleeves I plan to put on another blouse I am the queen of alterations!

For a minimalist that is a lot of new clothes. UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus rests in the heart of a rapidly growing region, fueled by cutting-edge scientific and technology services, manufacturing, and more. Not even rain could put a damper on two special days with nearly 1, fifth-graders visiting the Green Bay campus and aspiring to go to college one day. A college degree is the best investment you will ever make. See what a degree costs.

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Nursing Specializations may include critical care, palliative care, detox, mental health, neonatal nursing, practical nursing, gerontology, community health, occupational health, pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, and nutrition among others.

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