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There is formal and smart casual. They are also often worn by male musicians at concerts. Part of a series on.

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Dinner jackets are available in an assortment of styles, colors, fabrics, and designers. Modern fit, classic fit and slim fit are all available for same day shipping.
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Dinner jackets are available in an assortment of styles, colors, fabrics, and designers. Modern fit, classic fit and slim fit are all available for same day shipping. To learn more on how to buy our dinner jackets, visit our site today!
The dinner jacket is the epitome of formal elegance, the crowning jewel in every man’s wardrobe. In a sea of men wearing tuxedos, you’ll need to look as sharp as possible: not a single scuff on your lapel, or a cufflink out of place.
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Dinner Dress White Jacket

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If my husband is right, then he's right. But if the overwhelming majority thinks otherwise, I think he would consider reconsidering. I'm one that never gets to dress up work and look forward to getting the chance on a cruise. There was a time that we all men wore a jacket and tie to dinner. All cruise lines are now loosening up on the dress code. It's rare that anyone gets refused admission to the MDR.

A kilt is not a tux, but it is formal in Scotland, Bermada shorts are worn to work in Bermuda. If you read the dress code that Princess provides on their website it is pretty clear what is acceptable and what is not. People continue to push the envelope advancing the arguement "it my vacation and I will wear what I want" is that correct I was really surprised on the Golden.

Many, many had on a sports coat. There were a few tuxes and suits sprinkled in. This was the first cruise where my husband did not take a suit.. Sports jacket with black pants and shirt and tie. I wear a simple long black skirt with a sparkly top, and I'll wear it on all the formal nights.

We simply can't afford the room anymore to dress up more than that. If I find our table is more tuxes than not, next formal night we'll enjoy the buffet. Here's a link to pictures: Dh looks great in his old cream dinner jacket. I try to keep it mended as necessary. Your husband will fit in just fine with everyone at dinner.

Times have changed and so have styles in the last 30 years. That statement does not describe us I'm not suggesting you are saying it does He said that since he is not wearing a suit, tux or dinner jacket, that he does not meet the dress code requirements for formal night. That's fine with me Thanks for all the replies. Looks like unless and until Princess allows for sports coats in their description of formal attire, we'll utilize the other venues for dinner on the cruise.

To take a jacket in ones luggage is not a big deal I know that the ladies like to dress up even if they keep it a secret and to say that she is happy to dress according to whatever HE wants is a lie! Make formal nights exactly what they are intended to be, and don't go hiding into other venues because you dont conform!

Most Dinner Jackets are black in most parts of the World other than the White style used in the Tropics and hot climates. We always wear a sport jacket with open shirt or turtleneck into the dining room on formal nights and never had a problem.

My observation has been this: The majority of the men wear Suits Matching jacket and pants mostly dark suits. I have also noticed that when I shop for a suit that most of the stock consists of dark solid suits.

I conclude that this must be what's in style now. The next popular attire is sport jacket and slacks. I have seen navy, tweed, linen and even madras plaid. Tuxedos or dinner jackets are very rare these days. The tuxedo is more popular than the dinner jacket. Either a low cut waistcoat or cummerbund may be worn, but never both at the same time. Although the English authority Debrett's consider that wearing a waistcoat is smart, they no longer consider either waist covering to be essential.

A low cut waistcoat should be worn when wearing a single-breasted coat. Waistcoasts come in the 'V' or rarer 'U' shape, in backless or fully backed versions, double or single breasted , with or without lapels. Single breasted styles typically have three buttons, and double breasted ones three or four rows. Before World War II, while black tie was still gaining acceptance, men would wear a white waistcoat , along with other details now associated primarily with white tie , such as stiff fronted shirts.

However, this style, though increasingly viewed as an affectation, is still acceptable in the United States. The waistcoat should be made from either the same fabric as the dinner jacket traditional or the same silk as the jacket's lapels popular. When a waistcoat has lapels , they should be faced in the same silk as those of the jacket; in this case it is considered more refined if the body is made from the same fabric as the jacket.

The buttons may be self-faced or covered in the same silk as the lapels. Vintage waistcoats were sometimes closed with studs made from onyx or mother of pearl , which were often surrounded by a setting of silver or gold. A waistcoat is never worn with a double breasted jacket.

Since this style of jacket is never unbuttoned, the waist of the trousers is never exposed, and therefore does not need to be covered, [24] though before World War II an edge of waistcoat was often shown between the jacket and shirt. A cummerbund may be worn with a dinner jacket in lieu of a waistcoat and, although it is considered slightly less formal, it is equally correct.

It looks especially well with a shawl collar dinner jacket but may be worn in conjunction with peak lapels. The material of the cummerbund should be silk satin , grosgrain or faille , or barathea to match that of the bow tie. It features upward facing folds, which were originally used to store theatre or opera tickets, and are now considered to be more decorative than functional.

Just like the waistcoat , cummerbunds are not worn with a double breasted jacket. As the cummerbund is seen as an extension of the trousers, traditionally it should the same colour, i. Some higher quality models feature a hidden pocket and an elastic loop to fasten to the trousers. Shirts designed to be worn with black tie are called "formal shirts," or "tuxedo shirts" in American English and "dress shirts" in British English.

In the earlyth century, a piqué shirt with a detachable wing collar and single cuffs such as is worn with white tie was used, and in the s and s ruffled bibs were popular, but neither styles are often seen today. The wing collar originally disappeared in black tie after the s when the appropriately semi-formal attached turndown collar shirt became preferred, but it has been popular with American men in a less substantial, attached form since the s.

However, many style authorities argue that the wing collar should remain the domain of white tie for aesthetic reasons. Although some style authorities consider the wing collar to be an acceptable option for black tie shirts, they should not be worn with double cuffs or a pleated bib, [29] and are better suited to the more formal single-breasted peak lapel jacket. When a full dress shirt is worn in this fashion, it should be accompanied by the white marcella waistcoat ordinarily associated with white tie.

Debrett's do not endorse the wing collar as being compatible with the black tie dress code. The more formal marcella version of the shirt fastens with matching shirt studs. These are most commonly in silver or gold settings, featuring onyx or mother-of-pearl ; various geometrical shapes are worn, e. There has been no consistent fashion preference for gold or silver, but studs with mother-of-pearl are more formal and therefore often associated with white tie.

The soft-front pleated version of the shirt should be fastened with mother-of-pearl buttons, typically supplied with the shirt on a separate strip of fabric. Alternatively, a fly-front shirt, appropriate with both the marcella and pleated bibs, conceals the placket for a more minimalistic look.

There are several types of cufflinks that may be worn with black tie. The most formal and decorative are the double-panel type, which dress both sides of the cuff and are connected by a chain or link of metal; this model conceals the mechanism by which the cuff is secured.

The most common, and least decorative, are the swivel bar type; whilst these are acceptable, they leave the inner side of the cuffs and mechanism exposed which is incongruous with formal dress. The most formal and traditional shoes are patent leather opera pumps court shoes decorated with grosgrain bows. The more popular alternative currently is the black lace-up Oxford shoe , in patent leather or calfskin , with a rounded plain toe. Brogueing or any other decorative patterns should never be seen on Black Tie footwear.

Shoes are almost invariably black and patent leather is considered more formal than matte finishes while pumps are considered more formal than lace-ups. Generally considered too informal for black tie are shoes with open lacing, such as the Derby shoe bluchers in American English. Notable alternatives include the black button boot primarily of historical interest only and the monogrammed Albert slipper which was originally worn only at home.

The black Gucci loafer in leather is also considered as an alternative, especially in urban British settings. Most etiquette and fashion guides of the current decade recommend keeping color touches and favoring a single color, usually dark; muted reds, such as maroon, are a traditional choice. A handkerchief in linen traditional , silk, or cotton is usually worn in the breast pocket. A flower may be worn. Red and white carnation , blue cornflower , and rosebud have all been popular at times.

In France , the boutonnière is usually a gardenia. Black-tie events do not involve outerwear and coats and gloves are no longer considered part of the dress code. However, etiquette for what to wear in public in transit to and from black tie occasions was stiffer in earlier eras and remain an option: Matching overcoats are usually black, charcoal , or dark blue , and traditionally of the Chesterfield style. A guards coat was also once popular, and a lighter topcoat can be worn in summer.

Historically, an Inverness coat was also worn. Until the midth century, gloves and scarves were always worn, and are still occasionally seen in gray leather and white silk, respectively. White kid gloves have never been standard with black tie, remaining exclusive to white tie dress. The 20th-century standard hat for black tie was a black or midnight blue Homburg in winter, [36] [37] or straw boater in spring and summer.

Black-tie dress does not require a hat today. Military, civil, and organizational decorations are usually worn only to full dress events, generally of formal governmental or diplomatic significance.

Unlike in white tie , where decorations are always permitted, the dress code will usually give some indication when decorations are to be worn with black tie. Traditionally visible timepieces are not worn with formal evening dress, because timekeeping is not supposed to be considered a priority. Pocket watches are acceptable.

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Dinner Jacket. Head to a formal event looking well put together in a dinner jacket and a matching suit and tie. For a modern and dapper look, wear a suit by Tommy Hilfiger. Shop for men's Dinner Jackets online at Men's Wearhouse. Browse the latest Sport Coats styles & selection for men from top brands & designers from the leader in men's apparel. Available in regular sizes and big & tall sizes. Enjoy FREE Shipping on orders over $99+! A tuxedo (American English), or dinner jacket (British English), is a semi-formal two or three piece suit for evening wear, distinguished primarily by satin or grosgrain jacket's lapels, and similar stripes along the outseam of the trousers.